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MOPO Agent

Customization, Embedding and Analytics

MOPO Agent is available to you in two modes. In trial mode, you can evaluate it as as a user and experiment with agent customization. In embedded mode, the MOPO Agent is added to your website with a single line of code so you can evaluate and deploy it from your own web pages. In embedded mode, you use your admin account to change and save agent and settings, and get analytic insights into user conversations with your site. 

Agent Customization
In trial mode, you can experiment with agent branding, agent responses and web links. You can test your changes but NOT save them. In embedded mode, you can save the customization so that it takes effect for all user conversations with the agent for your website.

Agent Branding
These settings enable you to align the agent's UI with your organizational brand.
This enables you to define the text you want to appear in the title bar of the conversation window.

Title Bar Icon (coming soon)
This enables you to define the icon you want to appear on the left of the conversation window title bar.

To ensure consistency with your main website font, simply type in the name of the font here.

Accent Color
To fit with your website's color palette, you can define the accent color used by the Agent for various elements in its UI including button colors, link text and more.

You can use decimal or hexadecimal settings.

For example:
To specify red in decimal, enter "rg
To specify red in hexadecimal, enter "#FF0000)

Agent Responses
These settings enable you to control how the agent greets and responds to user questions.


This setting tells the Agent what location it should answer questions about.

If you only want it to answer questions about Los Angeles, you would enter "Los Angeles, CA".

Visitor Greeting
You use this setting to tell the Agent how to greet a visitor with text and clickable topics that lead a user to a set of webpage results.

If you want a simple greeting which makes "hotels" and "things to do" clickable topics for a user, you would enter:
Hello. I'm your friendly AI Agent to help you find [[things to do]] and [[hotels]] in San Francisco.

Web Links
These settings enable you to control what web page links are displayed when a user clicks on highlighted text in an Agent's answer. You can instruct the Agent to include web page links from your website, partner websites and/or other external sites. You can also instruct the Agent to exclude results from particular websites.

Partner Sites
By spe
cifying one or more "partner" sites, web page results from your partner sites will be displayed to a site visitor in a row below your website results but above external site results (if configured).

External Site Results
This setting enables you to include or exclude other search results from the web.

Sites to Exclude
To exclude specific websites from external web page results, enter the websites you wish to exclude.

Agent Embedding
Embedding on your website
To embed the MOPO Agent on your web site, just add the following line of javascript right before the bottom </body> tag on each page where you want MOPO Agent to appear.
This is the example javascript to embed on your web page right before the last </body> tag.
... body of web page ...
<script id="mopo_agent_embed_script" type="text/javascript" src="" crossorigin></script> 
... rest of web page ...


Configuring your embedded agent
Start Maximized
This enables you to choose whether MOPO Agent starts minimized or maximized on your web pages.
Display Position
This enab
les you to choose whether you want MOPO Agent to display bottom-left or bottom-right of your web pages.

MOPO Analytics provide anonymized insights into user conversations with your Agent including:
- Numbers of users, conversations and messages
- Conversation Topics
- Web page links clicked for your site and, optionally, partner sites and other sites.

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