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👋🏻 Welcome to MOPO!


We're here to help you #GetOutAndLive. 

Use our app to find fun things to do, tailored just for you.



  • Get personalized, unique, and meaningful recommendations for things to do based on what YOU care about

  • Connect with friends and kindred spirits to find inspiration, share experiences and meet experts in your areas of interest 

  • Discover a broad range of things to do, from services offered by local businesses to hidden gems contributed by users like you

  • Curate and share content that matters to you 

  • Find and lift up people and organizations that are advancing communities, cultures, and causes you support 



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Product Features

  • The For You activity feed is a set of personalized recommendations powered by MOPO’s purpose-built AI engine

  • The Social feed allows you to connect and share with friends, add activities or reviews, share lists or recommend activities

  • Channels enable you to organize different feeds for where you live, places you visit, or for your particular interests

  • Lists enable you to save, curate, and share things you’ve done, might like to do or want to recommend to other users

  • Maps allow you to easily explore and navigate to activities and events 

  • With Explore, you can discover activities, users, lists or any form of content across the entire MOPO platform


Get MOPO today!

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